MLR Times took birth in January 2015, from the brains of a few IT students in their third year.
The main objective of MLR Times is to give an online college magazine for the MLR students, as a compensation for not having a hard copy magazine. It includes technical and non technical articles from students and faculty members. Special features in the magazine include student corner and faculty advisors along with allowing the students to explore their artistic, poetic and creative potentials.

MLR Times is an interactive online magazine that helps the students of the college keep posted about their mates. Other university events, popular posts and comments section are the trending sections of this. It also ensures the students are given a platform for their blogging skills without having to go anywhere else!

This also serves as a platform to put forth ideas one comes up with for the betterment of the college or rather any other ideas in general.

This partucular website wouldn't have been possible to put up if the college management and our Secretary Mr. Marri Rajasekhar Reddy Garu were not to play a huge role in it.
 We whole heartedly thank them for encouraging us on every turn.